Calm- Move- Eat- Connect

ThinkHeart! is a wellness program to Reverse chronic illness, Rewire new brain habits and Prevent illness.

ThinkHeart! Program 

ThinkHeart is a digital OMNI CHANNEL program that brings together the most recent evidence-based findings from three current health revolutions:

  • REVERSE chronic illness, especially inflammation,
  • REWIRE calm and resilience
  • PREVENT chronic illness through into a health aligned lifestyle.

ThinkHeart delivers 4 components: CALM, MOVE, EAT, CONNECT that will require an immersive 1-hour training and practice per day in an initial “30-Day Challenge” that then converts into a lifestyle.



  • INTEGRATION: brings together best in class assessments, training, tracking into one platform and process.
  • STANDARDIZATION: in each module (Calm-Move-Eat-Connect).
  • THE SCIENCE OF HABIT: daily communication of why/what/HOW to train and track success.
  • OBJECTIVE OUTCOMES: AHA-TB Database evaluation of key proof points to iterate and optimize the program on an annual basis.

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