Calm- Move- Eat- Connect

ThinkHeart is an online wellness program to Reverse chronic illness, Rewire new brain habits and Prevent illness.

ThinkHeart Program 

ThinkHeart is an online wellness course that synergizes heart and brain health practices.  It is powered by the American Heart Association and Total Brain and based on the four pillars of health: CALM, MOVE, EAT, and CONNECT.



  • A Science-Backed Framework: Rooted in neuroscience to build sustainable habits through the Gordon Habit Plan.
  • Emphasizes how the pillars of health work together in increase benefits.  For example: Reduce stress-eating, full stress-recovery with exercise, and stress reduction with quality connections. 
  • Daily Engaging Modules: Each module offers video content, actionable steps, and downloadable support tools focusing on the four pillars.
  • Personal Wellness Plan: Customize your journey with a Personal Wellness Plan using our PAR actions (Prompt, Action, Reward) system.
  • Comprehensive Support Tools: Access to our Training Center, daily tips, and mobile tracker app.

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